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Bespoke designs and upholstery

Whether you want to make your old furniture more practical and comfortable or you want to create new pieces that are fit for purpose, our furniture designers cater to your specific needs.


We talk to you and we actually listen, so you get beautiful furniture results that work for you!

You know best - tell us how we can improve your furniture

We offer practical and functional options to make your life a little easier. If you're looking for fire retardant upholstery, anti-bacterial material or waterproof upholstery, we can help transform your furnishing to accommodate you and your business's needs. Our flexible upholstering service is great for hospitals, care homes, waiting rooms, outdoor furniture and more.

Create functional furniture that's comfortable and attractive.

Combine function and style

Just because you need some practical furniture doesn't mean it can't look great as well. We're up-to-date on modern and classic interior design trends, and we work with a great selection of beautiful fabrics. We'll match your new furniture to the personality and style of any room.

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For anti-bacterial furniture, flame retardant upholstery and other

specific furniture needs, call

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