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Have a picture of your dream sofa or maybe just a vision in your mind? Share with us the specific piece you're looking for and we can manufacture a bespoke sofa that matches your ideas and needs.


We can also alter and re-upholster existing furniture to find a new, modern purpose.

Bespoke furniture designs

Experienced sofa manufacturing

Our experienced upholsterers can create designs to suit your specific needs.


Whether you need your furniture to be fire retardant, waterproof, anti-bacterial or more accessible, our alteration and upholstery services will work for you and your unique requirements.

Specialty upholstery and repairs

Find your specialty furniture

When you choose to work with us, you benefit from our 35+ years' experience and specialised skills in custom furniture design.


We value a convenient service, which is why we can cut and deliver your foam orders the same day, we listen and follow your specifications and we provide quality results.

Elegant, durable craftsmanship

Contact our talented team

Stop searching high and low for the perfect sofa - give us a call and we'll have you lounging in the furniture of your dreams in no time.

Custom furniture, flawless upholstery

Does your pub need new seating? Want to repair that tear in your favourite settee? Looking for a specific sofa made to your needs? Our specialists create and repair all furniture styles.

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For expert furniture upholstery and design, call the friendly and talented team at

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